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Software and Reports

Our software makes IUL easy for you.

Our proposals make IUL easy for your clients.

Stonewood software transforms the IUL experience, helping advisors analyze, compare, and strengthen the savings strategies they’re offering clients.


IUL Proposal Software


Evaluate IUL savings strategies on growth, return and performance

Calculate values that matter most to a client


Qualified Account Analysis Software


Analyze how a client’s qualified account may perform in the future

Compare after-tax performance to an IUL strategy


Tax Analysis Software


Project total tax liability on a client’s IRA in retirement

Compare their tax-deferred approach to a tax-free conversion option


Downside Scenario Software


Stress test policy assumptions

Create a downside scenario based on the worst decade in S&P 500© history


Cost Analysis Software


Calculate the average annual cost of an IUL policy as a percentage of assets